Why do you need a Wedding Consultant??

Most likely you have never planned such a huge event as a wedding. So why tackle all the stress of planning this day on your own? Whether you are on a tight budget or a “sky's the limit” budget, hiring a Wedding Planner will most likely be the best thing you did!! I can do as little as meet with you one time to get you started or I can plan your entire day from start to finish. I can give you names of reliable vendors, give you an idea of how much you may be spending, what colors work best together, even give you ideas on things you may never have thought of. It's my job to help your wedding dreams become a reality and doing it within your budget!!!


Why hire me for your Wedding Consultant??

Not only am I a Wedding Consultant, Planner & Coordinator, but I am also an Interior Designer, Artist, and Decorative Painter. I have a definite eye for color and am great coming up with creative and new ideas! I will work WITH you. I will LISTEN to you. I will guide and assist you in every way possible. I truly believe you won't be sorry.


What does a Wedding Planning Consultation look like?

We will get together for up to 3 hours and talk about your wedding. We will discuss where you want to get married, the décor you envision and more . I will not only listen to your ideas, but I will give you input on how you can stretch your dollar more, provide ideas you may never have thought of, give you a time line to keep you on track, etc. Remember, I'm working FOR YOU!!! I am your personal assistant!!! I will give you all the recommendations I can in order for you to have the perfect wedding day you've always dreamed of!

Please keep in mind the fee is for my SERVICES ONLY (meetings, packages or services we agree upon). The fee does NOT include the price for the catering, florist, photographer, etc. We will cover this in detail so everybody knows what to expect. If you choose to go with one of our packages, then I will draw up a contract that you will need to sign. At the signing, I will collect the fee for that day plus 25% of the total fee for the package preferred or the services you desire -and guess what? We are ready to start planning!!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready, because you are in for the ride of your life!!!


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